About Wren


Breastfeeding. It’s one hell of a journey. 

8 out of 10 mums give up before they want to. And we get it. What with the demands of going back to work, juggling busy home lives, struggling to latch… not to mention the stigmas around breastfeeding in public, it can be *hard* and there are so many reasons why women give up breastfeeding early. 

Wren provides modern mothers with the tools and know-how to make breastfeeding and pumping easier, so you can nourish your baby in a way that suits you *and* keep bossing your day-to-day.

While we’ve been there, done that, and racked up a motherload of experience, we’re keenly aware that lots of people choose not to go down this route. But for those who do decide to try breastfeeding, we’re here to offer support.

Keeping a kid alive is hard. End of. So we’re ready to share love, respect… and laugh until we cry. Because, as a new parent, sometimes that’s the only way to stay sane.

Breastfeeding might never be a walk in the park but, with a little help, we’ll give you the freedom to express yourself™

Meet the founders....

Our founders, Jody and Hannah have been friends for over 20 years and - together - they’re determined to make breastfeeding easier for new mums.

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The Founders


As a mum of three, Jody’s spent seven whole years of her life breastfeeding. Safe to say, it’s
something she got pretty good at…even if she felt like a milk machine at times.

Now, knowing the pitfalls, she’s passionate about helping new mums to breastfeed, busting
taboos, sharing tips, tricks and advice and supporting them in any way she can.

Jody also has many years experience in Digital Marketing, Design and Photography.

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The Founders


While Jody was breastfeeding her babies, Hannah was off seeing the world and has travelled to more than 40 countries. She’s witnessed countless friends struggling to breastfeed…or going AWOL for years at a time while they’ve been chained to the wall, pumping milk.

After checking in and discovering the reality, Hannah and Jody felt there had to be a way to make things easier and give mums back some control.

Combining their marketing know-how with Jody’s practical experience, Wren was born, as a way to support parents in a full-on world.

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Choose Love

Mums helping mums

We’re passionate about helping parents in any way we can. So for every sale of a Wren bundle, we’ll be donating to help mums and pregnant women in refugee camps.