Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump


Experience the freedom and convenience with our wire-free, hands-free wearable breast pump designed to fit seamlessly into your bra for on-the-go expression.


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    Hands-free. Wire-free. Fuss-free. Is it any wonder that our wearable breast pump is gaining rave reviews?

    Designed to be popped into your bra while you’re on the go, it’s a convenient way to pump while getting on with other things…you know, like working from home, doing the laundry, actually *drinking* that cup of coffee, or focusing on quality playtime with your little one.

    Our BPA-free plastic storage bottles hold up to 150ml (or 5oz) of breast milk. And they’re super easy to clean because you already have enough to do. After expressing, simply decant that liquid gold into one of our breast milk bags and stash it in the fridge or freezer.

    The best hands-free breast pumps are discreet and simple to use anywhere, anytime. Wren’s electric breast pump has a quiet motor, charges quickly via USB-C, and has a robust 2-hour battery life. For peace of mind, it automatically switches off after 30 minutes… just in case you manage to take that nap while expressing.

    Whether you’re combination feeding or exclusively pumping, using your electric breast pump is as simple as popping it into your bra. Starting with ‘Stimulate’ mode until you get a let-down, then switch to the ‘Express’ setting when you're ready to flow. 

    What’s included with your Wren breast pump?

    We've thoughtfully packed everything you need (plus spares) to ensure a smooth and comfortable pumping experience. Each box also includes a free nipple sizing tool, so you can easily figure out the correct breast pump flange size for seamless expression from the word ‘go’.

    You'll receive:

    • x 1 single hands-free breast pump in your chosen colour
    • x 2 150ml (5oz) bottles, with lids for easy storage
    • x 3 breast pump flanges in different sizes (17mm, 21mm, & 25mm) to ensure the perfect fit
    • A nursing bra adjuster
    • x 2 diaphragms
    • A spare valve and x 5 spare seal rings
    • A USB-C charging cable (plug not included)
    • x 1 bottle brush for easy cleaning
    • FREE cotton carry bag for pumping on-the-go
    • FREE nipple sizing tool, so you can figure out the correct breast pump flange size for you

    Looking to double up, or wondering if two breast pumps are better than one? Consider Wren’s electric double breast pumps

    Contact our friendly and helpful customer service team should you need any help with setting up. Or you can visit our help pages.


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2 hour battery life
Easy to clean
BPA-free plastic
No wires
Charge with USB-C

What's in the box

  • 15

    Hands-free breast pump.

  • 17

    25mm breast shield (silicone)

  • 1_d72a5a37-a8ba-4cce-afab-2885dbdccbaf

    Nursing bra adjuster

  • 8_e7533f0b-00c8-4aa9-b404-9e6916d0538c

    Spare diaphragm.

  • 12

    Spare valve

  • 6_1cdf85b8-dae0-4a0c-9952-839b36092eeb

    Spare seal rings x 5

  • 9_48aa5968-99c3-4fc5-bf5a-0a313dfda609

    21mm and 17mm breast shield adaptors (flanges)

  • 5_e2d3ad0a-4192-4b2b-8bc8-1e74f23bcd11

    Free cotton bag

  • 19

    USB-C charging cable

  • 3_0db8460c-648d-4c1e-877d-237bf04c01e7

    Bottle brush

  • Untitled_design-11

    Spare 150ml BPA-free bottle and lid


  • Welcome to boobs unplugged. There’s no more sitting around hooked up to a wall while you pump. Wren is a hands-free, wire-free device that allows you to move around while you pump, whenever you need to, wherever you are.

  • Our breast pump maximum suction strength is 232mmHG, this is when you are on expression mode at level 5 on the pump. How does this compare to hospital-grade pumps? Well hospital-grade pumps have a suction strength of up to 300mmHG range whilst all personal / and hands-free pumps are generally between the 220mmHG and 250mmHG range.

  • We've gone the extra mile here at Wren, each pump comes with three sizes: 17mm, 21mm & 25mm - so you can choose one that fits you! Did you know? The Wren Pump also works well on larger boobs too, tried & tested. As always, contact us should you need extra information.

  • Our hands-free breast pump is less than <50 decibels. All sounds between 30 and 61 decibels is considered as quiet. It is quiet enough to not disturb a sleeping baby :)

  • Whilst our pumps are small and mighty, they do need to be treated with care when it comes to charging them up. 

    It is important to use a general plug for this, a certified (5V 2A) plug will do the trick, make sure the voltage is no higher.

    Please also only use the charging cable we supply you with.

    Please note whilst the pump is charging, the indicator light will light up and the pump will not turn on. 

    It takes two hours to fully charge your breast pump and when charged all five indicators light up and you will get up to two hours of usage, depending on the settling you use.

    Tip 1: Charge immediately after your pumping session if the battery indicator is flashing.

    Tip 2: To check how much battery power is left in your breast pump simply press and hold the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for two seconds when the pump motor is off. 

    Each indicator that lights up represents around 20% of power remaining on your breast pump.

    Please visit our help and FAQ section for more information on how to look after your Wren handsfree breast pump.