10 Top Breastfeeding Tips for returning to work

Woman sat a a working desk

Wrens Top Tips for returning to work as a Mother Pumper!  

1) Embrace the Pumping Life

Invest in a top-notch hands-free breast pump and become a pumping pro. Or if you are pumping more, consider getting a double electric pump With your trusty machine by your side, you'll conquer any milk supply challenge that comes your way. (Wren Pumps are pretty great - just saying!) 

2) Organise Your Liquid Gold

Label and store your breast milk like it's precious treasure. Invest in breast milk storage bags or containers and create a system that ensures you never accidentally mix up your milk with anyone else’s. 

If fridge space is limited you could always invest in a small cool box or bag to take with you and pop in freezer when you get home.

3) The Freezer is Your Breast Friend

Your freezer will become your best friend when you return to work. Build up a stash of frozen milk so that you have a backup supply on hand for those days when you can't pump as much as you'd like.

4) Be careful not to leak!

No one wants to walk into a busy meeting a work with huge wet milk patches on their clean and fresh work clothes.

Breathable, bamboo breast pads are an absolute life-saver and can save you from those embarrassing moments.

5) Create a Lactation Lair - Cozy Corner 

or just a sign that says ‘Pumping in Action’ and put it on the back of your chair! 

If privacy is more your bag while pumping asking your boss for a private space at work where you can comfortably pump. Decorate it with calming colours, a cosy chair maybe? The beauty of hands free pumping though is you can also just sit at your desk and carry on as normal :)

6) Essential breastfeeding supplies

Make sure you have all the essential pumping supplies you need within arm's reach: spare pump parts, nipple balm, storage bags, cleaning wipes, and anything else that helps streamline your pumping routine.

7) Dress for Pumping Success

Invest in a few nursing-friendly outfits for work that make pumping convenient and discreet. Choose clothes with easy access to your breasts, or layer with a nursing tank top under your regular attire. 

8) Find Your Pumping Tribe

Connect with other working mums who are also breastfeeding. Join support groups, online forums, Facebook Groups or local meetups where you can share tips, vent frustrations, and celebrate victories together.

9) Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Educate yourself about your legal rights as a breastfeeding employee. Familiarise yourself with your country's laws regarding pumping breaks, workplace accommodations, and employer support. 

10) Celebrate Your Superpowers

Being a working mum who breastfeeds is no small feat. Give yourself credit for the incredible job you're doing. Celebrate each milestone reached, even if it's just pumping a little extra milk or successfully navigating a tricky work situation.

Remember, returning to work while breastfeeding may have its challenges, but with a dash of humour and a lot of determination, you can navigate this journey successfully. You're a superhero multitasker, providing nourishment for your baby while excelling in your professional life. Keep up the amazing work, supermum!

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