Sizing guide to Wren's Hands Free Breast Pump


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Worried that our breast pump won’t fit? Never fear! Whether you’ve got a pair of KK’s or barely anything there, Wren pumps are designed to work for all breast sizes, big and small.

The ideal fit

Big boobs? Tiny boobs? Whatever size your chest, we’ll have you ready to pump in no time.

Before you start pumping, it’s important that you get your pump fitting well, so you can express more milk, in greater comfort.

Ideally, your Wren pump should be fitted firmly against your breast, with no gaps. There are two main ways to achieve this:

  1. Choose a well-fitting breast shield
  2. Adjust your bra strap to keep your pump secure.

Choose a well-fitting breast shield 

Wren’s wearable pumps are designed for breastfeeders of all shapes and sizes. Each product comes with three different flanges that can be swapped in or out to help you get the perfect fit. 

Our standard breast shield is 25mm, but we also include 21mm and 17mm flange adaptors that can easily be inserted into the connector unit for greater comfort and better suction.

It’s important that your nipple is aligned in a well-fitting breast shield so that you can express your best and avoid unnecessary pain or niggles.

When you’re putting on the pump, aim to line up the shield duct in the same direction as your nipple is facing that day (hey, let’s be honest, it’s something that changes all the time). You’ll know you’ve got the perfect fit when your nipple is centred in the duct without touching the sides.

If your nipple fits, but you’ve still got tonnes of room, size down and see if you can get a better ‘latch’ with a smaller breast shield.


 Adjust your bra strap

Wren’s wearable breast pumps come with a bra adaptor to guarantee a snug fit while wearing. Simply attach it to the strap of your nursing bra and adjust the fastener to make space for the pump and ensure it won’t move during your pumping session, whether you’re sitting doing or standing up and moving around.

The pump itself is shaped to mimic the curve of your breast so it can be worn comfortably (and discreetly) under your clothes wherever you are and whatever you’re up to.


Ready to clean your pump? Head to our sterilising guide to find out how.