Why use a lactation massager?

Even for the experienced, breastfeeding is no walk in the park. But there are ways and means to make it a smoother ride. Here are some of the benefits of using a lactation massager while breastfeeding.

Ease clogged breast ducts and engorgement

Blocked ducts can be really painful and lead to other nasty complications. The best way to relieve them is by draining your breasts. Experiment by stroking a lactation massager towards your nipples to work out deep clogs and break up knots, ensuring you empty quickly and more effectively.

Avoid mastitis

Improve your milk flow and you’ll reduce the risk of mastitis (aka the bain of any breastfeeding mama’s life). Stimulate your breasts with a lactation massager to make it easier to empty them regularly and completely, helping you to avoid blockages and keep that milk supply coming.

Tackle under-supply

Improve your milk load by using a massager to stimulate letdown and get that liquid gold flowing in greater quantities. By stroking the massager down your boob towards the nipple, you can move your milk forward, empty more thoroughly and encourage more to come in.

Make breast pumping easier

Simulating let-down without your baby close by can be a challenge. Lactation massagers have different speeds and vibration patterns to help trigger your supply. Just pop it in your bra before or during breast pumping to get your milk flowing.

And when you’re done?

Follow up any massage session by breastfeeding or expressing with the Wren hands-free breast pump to empty your boobs out. Keep repeating the process until any discomfort is gone. Or if you are not pumping, you can always use some of our Wren Go To Balm or a nipple balm / butter to soothe your nipples.

Have a look at our Wren Lactation Massager to see if this might benefit you.

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