Hands-Free Double Electric Breast Pumps


Grab a pair of hands-free, wearable breast pumps and gain back time to express yourself. Twice the milk in half the time.


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  • Looking to do double the work? Then look no further than a pair of Wren's electric, hands-free breast pumps. They’re wire-free and fuss-free, making it easy to pump on the go and gain back time to express yourself, whether you’re exclusively pumping, want to combine breastfeeding and pumping, or just need to get some sweet relief.

    Each Wren breast pump holds up to 150ml (or 5oz) of breast milk, which can be easily decanted and stored in the fridge or freezer using our clever milk storage bags. To top things off, our wireless breast pumps are easy to assemble and clean, plus quiet and discreet to use. 

    When you’re ready to pump, pop one in each side of your bra and use the bra adjusters to get a comfy fit. Start with ‘Stimulate’ mode to let down, then move to the ‘Express’ setting when you’re ready to flow. 

    Here at Wren, we're all about customer service, so we’ve gone above and beyond with what you get in the box. With a pair of pumps, the following is included:

    - x 4 150ml BPA-free bottles and lids

    - x 3 breast pumps flanges (2 of each) in 25mm, 17mm, and 21mm sizes - because no two boobs are the same!

    - x 2 nursing bra adjusters

    - x 10 spare seal rings

    - x 2 spare valves

    - x 2 spare diaphragms 

    - x 2 USB charging cables (to fit standard 5v plugs - not provided)

    - A bottle brush

    - FREE cotton carry bag for each pump

    - FREE nipple sizing tool, so you can figure out the correct breast pump flange size for you

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    Also available as part of a bundle

    What's in the box

    • 15

      Hands-free breast pumps x 2

    • 4_1485ff6e-27c3-44c1-bff6-f3a10d9669a4

      150ml BPA-free bottle and lids x 4

    • 6_1cdf85b8-dae0-4a0c-9952-839b36092eeb

      Spare seal rings x 10

    • 8_e7533f0b-00c8-4aa9-b404-9e6916d0538c

      Diaphragm x 2

    • 5_e2d3ad0a-4192-4b2b-8bc8-1e74f23bcd11

      Free cotton bag

    • 2_0b45ccc0-0e54-47c0-8acd-d31f732902ca

      Nursing bra adapter x 2

    • 12_52d3fa05-35ed-498c-b08b-4d29f836088f

      Spare valves x 2

    • 11

      17mm and 21mm breast shield adaptors (flanges)

    • 3_0db8460c-648d-4c1e-877d-237bf04c01e7

      Bottle brush

    • 14_cc54500a-4dd4-4e05-9427-ffd13787189e

      Instruction Manual


    • Wondering, ‘should I have two breast pumps?’ Well, if you’re not pumping all that often, a single breast pump could be the best bet for you, but if you are looking to increase your supply, you might prefer to try a hands-free double breast pump.

    • Wren’s double breast pump comes with more or less everything you need to start pumping. Inside the box, there are spare breast milk collection bottles, different-sized nipple flanges, charging cables, even a bottle brush to keep things clean. 

      If you’re looking to make your breastfeeding journey even easier, there are a few more pumping kit essentials you might like to try. Breast milk storage bags will help keep your milk safe after pumping. Our nursing breast pads are also a popular choice, helping to keep your clothes dry in the event of unexpected leaks. And plenty of mums swear by our lactation massager for helping to keep their milk flowing when they struggle with blocked ducts. Keen to try the lot, or give a baby shower gift to a new parent? Head to our Bundles page to check out cost-effective ways to pick up all the kit at once.

    • Keeping your hands-free breast pump parts clean and sanitised is not as tricky as you might imagine. We’ve got a whole guide on sterilising breast pumps over in The Nest.

    • Yes! Any size contains the prize. For larger boobs you just need to make sure you have a supportive bra on and your nipple is facing directly towards the pump.
      As for nipple sizes.....Wren hands-free breast pump comes fitted with a 25mm flange and we also supply 17mm and 21mm adaptor so you can choose the best fit for your nipple. The bra strap adjustor makes it easy to fit the device inside your nursing bra, so you can get a cosy fit, whatever size you wear.

    • Yes, it can be! Double pumping is proven to produce 18% more milk because both breasts are stimulated at the same time. Using two pumps can also potentially save time cutting down pumping sessions and can be known to be better and more effective drainage for the breasts!

    • Breast pumps rely on all sorts of fiddly little parts to function. We’ve tried to keep our to a minimum, but we know what it’s like - from time to time something goes missing, gets lost (or moved by tiny hands) or simply wears down through repeated use. That’s why we provide replacement parts with every Wren breast pump - and why we have a one-stop online shop for further spares in case you need them, so you can carry on pumping without pause.

    • Ok, so we may be a little biased here. We designed our wearable electric breast pumps to help you pump hands-free. They’re great for everyday pumping amid the demands of busy lives, and taking the edge off those milkmakers while you’re out and about and need to be wire-less and discreet. That said, there are so many different types of breast pump to choose, from manual pumps to hospital grade plug-ins and more. Depending on how much you need to express and how often, there will be a pump that’s perfect for you.

    • Welcome to boobs unplugged. There’s no more sitting around hooked up to a wall while you pump. Wren is a hands-free, wire-free device that allows you to move around while you pump, whenever you need to, wherever you are.

    • Wren’s 150ml BPA-free bottles and lids can be frozen
      however, it’s best to keep them for pumping rather than freezing. Once you’veexpressed, pour your milk into a space-saving milk storage bag and pop that liquid gold into the freezer until you’re ready to defrost it for your baby.