Guide to Breastfeeding and Breast Pumping at Christmas


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Woman breastfeeding her child at Christmas

The holiday season can be a tricky time for breastfeeding and breast pumping. With well-meaning family members or friends offering unsolicited advice, it's essential to navigate these situations while maintaining your own expertise and what’s right for you. At Wren, we understand the challenges you may face, and we're here to provide you with some valuable tips and pointers on how to make breastfeeding and breast pumping during Christmas as smooth as possible. 

How to Navigate Unwanted Advice

During the festive season, it's not uncommon for well-meaning family members or friends to offer their advice on breastfeeding and pumping when it's not asked for. While their intentions may be good, it's important to remember that you are the expert when it comes to your own body and baby. Politely thank them for their input and trust your own instincts. Remember, you know what's best for you and your little one.

Breastfeeding and Pumping at Work Parties

Attending work parties while breastfeeding or pumping can present unique challenges. One helpful solution is to use a hands-free breast pump (if you haven't got one already) they allow you to discreetly pump while socialising, ensuring that you can enjoy the festivities without compromising your breastfeeding routine. Additionally, the convenient cotton bag that comes with the our breast pump makes it easy to transport and store your pumping essentials. With the Wren Hands-Free Breast Pump, you can multitask and maintain your milk supply while confidently navigating work parties.

Top Tips for Breastfeeding and Breast Pumping During the Christmas Season

To ensure a smooth breastfeeding and pumping experience during the Christmas season, consider the following tips:

Preparation is key:

Before the busy Christmas period, consider expressing milk and freezing it, using one of our handy stand-up milk storage bags as a backup plan. This ensures that you always have a supply available, even if you're away from your baby for an extended period.

Embrace flexibility:

The festive season often calls for a more flexible routine. Remember that stress can affect your milk supply, so try to embrace the changes and go with the flow.

Breastfeeding and drinking:

While there is conflicting advice on this topic and we’d never tell anyone what to do :) ultimately, you know yourself and your baby best. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation and consider expressing milk beforehand. Introducing bottle feeds in advance can also ensure that your baby is comfortable with feeding from a bottle.

Enjoy festive foods:

Most everyday foods are safe to eat while breastfeeding, but pay attention to your baby's reactions. If you notice any colicky or windy symptoms after consuming certain foods, you may consider temporarily excluding them from your diet.

Dressing for breastfeeding:

Opt for comfortable and practical clothing options that allow for easy access to breastfeed or pump. Consider wrap tops or dresses with added sparkle and sequins for a festive touch.

Remember, every breastfeeding journey is unique, and it's important to find what works best for you and your baby. Trust yourself, seek support when needed, and prioritise self-care during this special time of year, and put boundaries in place if you need them.

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